The Volunteers!!


Aon Kunnasawat
3-Star Volunteer
Phase 2 - Building Earthen House (Cob Shelter)
Charity Trip Part 3 - It's another extraordinary day in Baan Gerda!!
Charity Trip Part 4 - Baan Gerda goes Old West!!
Charity Trip Part 6 - Celebrating a year of Love to Baan Gerda!! <3
Charity Trip Part 8 - KEEP CALM and let's do English Language Arts @Baan Gerda
Charity Trip Part 9 - KEEP CALM its Thai Basic & English Composition @Baan Gerda
Charity Trip Part 12 - Celebrating another year of Love @Baan Gerda <3
Charity Trip Part 14 - Yoga, Zumba & More @ Baan Gerda, 1st Stretch & Sweat!!
The 18th Amari Watergate - BMW Charity Midnight Run 2015
Charity Trip Part 17 - The Voice @Baan Gerda, 1st Blind Audition

Charity Trip Part 24 - Celebrating 4 years of Love to Baan Gerda <3 !!
The 29th Fold Notebook Making w/ Paper Rangers!!
Volunteers Non-Volunteering Getaway #3 @Nakhon Nayok (Post Songkran Trip)
Volunteer to Paint Bag to Raise Funds for Disadvantaged Children Center 4
The 5th T-Shirt Painting for People with Chronic Renal Failure
SMILE Carnival 2017 for Operation Smile Thailand
Charity Trip Part 23 - Leveled-up English, Reading Time and more @Baan Gerda
The 28th Fold and 4th Year Celebration of Notebook Making w/ Paper Rangers
Check Dam Building, Mineral Lick and Seed Bomb tree planting w/ Baandinthai
Change A Life Project - Bands Exercise XI
The 11th Cob Shelter Building w/ Baandinthai
Volunteers Non-Volunteering Getaway #2 @Bang Krachao, Bangkok's Green Lungs
Paint the Children’s Dreams Come True w/ Baandinthai - Brain Based Learning 3
The 6th Mangrove Restoration with Baandinthai
Charity Trip Part 22 - Hip Hop, The Voice Season 2 & New Year Greet @Baan Gerda
The 2nd Check Dam Building & Repairing w/ Baandinthai
Volunteer for Disaster Preparedness Fund 3 –To Decorate Tiny Jars w/ TVS