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  A Weekend of Dirt and Fun

  Couple of days ago I brought a huge amount of dedicated volunteers with an expectation of plastering and painting a child center somewhere in a remote petchaburi province. The moment we hopped out of our vans, I was surprised to see the same construction we volunteered to build six weeks ago, just the way it was when we left it!

Should I pass-out knowing that the previous event almost drained the very fragments of my energy, made me question about the existence of divinity and the veracity of stem-cell technology...oh no not again! But wait, tons of volunteers came, almost a hundred along with the strong and still kicking students from Chulalongkorn, ABAC and Mahidol, of couse we can do it!

It was a day I promised to my volunteers that work will be lighter, it was but dirty. No painting but there were plastering and soil brick making. I already had a strange feeling beforehand that the activity can never be easy so I advised them to bring a change of clothes in case they can't afford to go back home in Bangkok stinking and in mess.

Teamwork happened, strangers worked together and made new friends. Bangkok Volunteers, the Students and other private individuals were cheerful the whole day despite of the work under the heat of the sun. When it comes to giving back, positive attitude always prevail.

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Cob Shelter Photos
  9/3/2013 5:58:59 PM
  Phase 2 - Building an Earthen House (Cob Shelter) for Child Care Centers