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  Help ElephantsWorld to rescue two elephants working in a Thai Trekking camp

  ElephantsWorld is a sanctuary in Thailand for old, sick, disabled and rescued elephants. In the last few days we have become aware of two injured elephants that have been working in a trekking camp. Both elephants have sustained injury and one has collapsed from exhaustion.
The two elephants – Namoi and Natalie – are currently being treated by a vet and here lies an opportunity to change their lives forever. Their owners are willing to sell the elephants but we need to ensure that we are able to rescue them before another trekking camp purchases them.
The pictures below show the malnourished state of Natalie.
We need to raise 700.000 Baht/ £12,904.46 GBP/ €17,917.55 Euro / $19500 USD/ $26,758 AUD and we need to do so quickly!!!!!
PLEASE donate and share this link so we can give Namoi and Natalie the life they deserve.
********* http://help.elephantsworld.org/donate.html *******
All donations are processed by Foundation for the Elephants.
  12/11/2015 3:00:45 PM
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