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  Wild Elephants Canopy Camping by BTEH

  Community forest, Baan Klang Pla Kod, Kanchanaburi

The program
Sunday January 19 we will have dinner in the village Baan Klang Pla Kod. After the briefing, we will check in our homestay houses for a good rest. After breakfast, we will help the villagers to prepare the activities and to pack the camping and construction stuff and our packed lunch. We will hike through the forest to reach our canopy camping spot. Here we need some help constructing a third small platform, and to prepare the existing two platforms for the night. We will also set up our camera traps near the pond, so we are sure we won’t miss any silent visitors. The local villagers will come to cook dinner on a small bonfire. When night falls, we will climb up our trees to relax in our sleeping bags. Our senses becoming aware of the sounds of nature, the stars above us, the energy of the forest and the nocturnal world that lives in the treetops. With a little luck that night, elephants could be roaming under the canopy platform. After waking at sunrise, and a simple breakfast, we will finish the construction job and collect the camera traps. In the afternoon we will take care of the young trees, that we planted 6 months ago and / or the seedlings in the community based tree nursery. Before dinnertime, you will be back in Kanchanaburi town.

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Canopy Camping
  1/7/2014 2:50:49 PM
  Bring the Elephant Home