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Packing 16 different booklets per set and fit them in a box can be very tiring but fun as you'll enjoy marvelling the book covers with its illustrative designs of animals, nature and other ethical symbols.

A team of four people to manage the flow of packing is always a good recipe in completing the task, and spice up with some lovely chats and chuckles as the race to pack more boxes fills the day with tons of excitement!


Improve Learning Ability is a recent project to strengthen students' learning ability through reading.

The activity started in Term 1 of Academic Year 2013. All students will be encouraged to read one of Phra Ajahn Mitsuo Gavesako’s Dhamma Books for 5-10 minutes before starting their studies in every period.

The expectation from this project is that students will have improved concentration, pay closer attention, develop systematical thinking, love reading and develop their morals and ethics as well as learn subject content. Consequently, they will become good moral citizens who will strengthen harmony and national security.

    Program Ended (Project Closed)