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  Charity Trip Part 31 - Baan Gerda Got Talent

  Baan Gerda is a children's charity that provides homes and care for HIV infected and affected orphans. The small community is based in Lopburi province in Thailand. Unlike a state orphanage, Baan Gerda has a unique family environment with foster parents looking after the children and their daily needs. A medical team is on hand to ensure that they receive the best treatment and medicine.

After celebrating our 5th year of supporting the children, we're back into our regular events of harnessing their talents, interests and building up their confidence. Mentoring associated primarily of English language, they learned various words that are very relevant to their interest; from drawing, to singing, dancing and even learning yoga. Apart from this we keep challenging them with the usual English vocabulary competitions, English conversations and basic writing skill mostly for teenagers.

This year started with much focus on the younger ones who are occupying the shelter majority. Some of the pioneer teenagers who came into the shelter has left to study or work at a certain age required, hence supported still by Baan Gerda. The younger children from age 3 to 13 can be difficult to manage, to teach, but perfectly they are the right age to learn the very basic English skills.

A day spiced up with the collective talents of the children of all ages to show-off what they really possess, learned, either from their school or from the volunteers, talents that need to be discovered and polished, and mostly appreciated. Either by singing, dancing, drawing, or anything that they believe they can do, join me as we witness this fun-filled day anyone won't forget.

See you!

Date: 07 July 2018, Saturday
Location: Nong Muan Lopburi, Thailand
Time: 7.00 - 19.00 hrs
  6/10/2018 3:16:00 PM