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  Charity Trip Part 28 - The Voice Kids @Baan Gerda, Blind Audition 1 and MORE!!

  Baan Gerda is a children's charity that provides homes and care for HIV infected and affected orphans. The small community is based in Lopburi province in Thailand. Unlike a state orphanage, Baan Gerda has a unique family environment with foster parents looking after the children and their daily needs. A medical team is on hand to ensure that they receive the best treatment and medicine.

Starting an energized year, we're introducing to the younger ones the usual singing competition we organize for the shelter, The Voice. While the harnessing of singing in english is still ongoing for the teenagers, it's about time for the smaller ones to take the stage and nail some notes.

It's another busy day for volunteers on mentoring arts like music, drawing, and physical activities like dancing and yoga. Join me in this weekend as we continue to be a part of the children's discovery in learning new things to benefit their well-being and so as their health. As for every kids' growth and self-discovery, a volunteer is always a part of that success.

Date: 03 February 2018, Satuday
Location: Lopburi, Thailand
Time: 7.00 - 19.00 hrs
  1/18/2018 10:51:42 AM