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  Volunteer to Support Dogs and Cats @CHSAThai

  Compassionate House for Stray Animals in Thailand (CHSAThai) is a non-for-profit, charitable, legally registered with (Department of Livestock Development), no-kill stray animal shelter with 350+ cats and 1,400+ dogs, and other animals in our care. Since 2004 our goals are not only to taking care of stray cats and dogs to ensure they will food, frequent exercises and adequate socialization for their healthier life ahead.

Event goals:

Helping out shelter staff taking care and socialize cats and dogs in the shelter. Thus, they will be ready for an adoption.
Volunteer roles
1. Prepare cats and dogs food
2. Distribute food and water
3. Bathing cats and dogs
4. Socializing and walk the cats and dogs
5. Donations as needed

Date: 24 September 2017, Sunday
Location: Bang Len, Bangyai Nonthaburi
Time: 6.40 am - 19.00 hrs
  8/29/2017 10:11:55 AM