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  Coral Reef Restoration (Part 12) with Baandinthai

  Now in its improving popularity (with several postponements/cancellations) but still less engaging and eco-tourism nature of volunteering, the learning and awareness about the effects of global warming and human greed to our coral reefs shouldn't stop. I am inviting you to join this weekend trip to:

- Meet new people
- See turtles in all sizes and proportions AND OR a visit to a Thai-naval facility and do selfies with battleships
- A 500-meter snorkelling/swimming experience and
- Less than 10 minutes activity screwing corals on PVC pipes. Clearly, less than 10 minutes ^_^

Date: 21 Jan 2017, Saturday
Time: 6.30 - 19.30 hrs
Location: Sattahip, Pattaya
  1/5/2017 11:18:41 AM