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The first activity with the Organization started 2 years ago with their check dam making and tree planting in Salakpra Wildlife conservation forest and Erawan Nature Park. The forests are haven for wild Elephants and the Organization is preserving the habitat to reduce human and animal conflict when the dry season strike the year. They create check dams to store water for the elephants and trees as their food.
Website: http://www.bring-the-elephant-home.org/en/


Bring The Elephant Home (BTEH) is a foundation that campaigns to help bring the Thai Elephants home and prevent the elephants from facing extinction. At Bring the Elephant Home Foundation; we campaign to help Thai elephants to promote animal friendly eco-tourism, protect and pro-create a natural habitation for the elephants.

Our campaigns for the elephants do not stop there; we also harvest food for the elephants, we support community development in traditional elephant villages, educate and involve the local schools in hopes of a better tomorrow where our children and animals can cohabitate peacefully. We also try to find a resolution to the human-elephant conflicts and promote awareness of deforestation. In every project we are always cooperating closely with Thai Organizations.

Our current main project is ‘Trees for Elephants’. The forest is the natural home for Thai elephants; the majority of the problems of elephants are related to the gigantic deforestation that had been going on since the 1950’s. In the 1950’s, 65% of north-eastern Thailand was covered with luscious forest; in 1981 only 8% of this remains. As natural habitat and food is disappearing and so are the elephants, now they are in danger of facing extinction! In 1900 there were about 100,000 elephants in Thailand.

Today, there are only 1,500 estimated numbers of wild elephants that have survived! Due to the lack of food in the forest for the elephants the villagers are forced to bring their domesticated elephants into the city to beg for food. In the few areas where wild elephants still have a chance to survive, conflicts between human and elephants are getting worse every year. Thai elephants need more habitat and food to survive! This is why Bring the Elephant Home started the campaign ‘Trees for Elephants’. In 2008 we planted 100,000 trees in areas where the elephants are most threatened. In 2009 we have planted 44,000 trees and are taking care of the trees planted last year. We are continuing to replant natural habitation and food for the elephants to strengthen the elephants fight for survival!

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