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Bangkok Volunteer's Membership, the Downsizing

  Bangkok Volunteer's Meetup community recently trimmed its membership removing non-participating members who haven't joined any volunteer events (social dinners not counted) and no longer visited the page for more than six (6) months. Why? It was realised that the previous head count of 2900+ members last March 2016 was nothing but a majority of non-workers, meaning those who joined groups out of impulse yet no idea if it basically interest them or let's say those who doesn't know what they really, really want or the wannabes...

Gradually we trimmed the membership by sending periodic emails and warnings. Most people who were removed were believed to be (not judged) possess zero interest in the group by not even taking time to visit the page, or be nosy at least and pretend that they care.

Location can be a reason too, especially if they visited the country for a short vacation. It could also be something else like they want to appear cool in their profile by having several group memberships. But how they can manage reading all the Meetup invitations in their inbox if they have more than 15+ group memberships? What is the likelihood they will ever get the notice of invitation to participate in the events, should we be like throwing a biased dice and the outcome will be both 6 or 5 for each to have this chance?

They have photos where their mobile's brand is more visible than their faces, or carrying their company's name/brand, or appearing like they are waiting for the next date with their clothing and honestly, I’m not comfortable sending a message to a wine bottle, coffee cup or a mountain or anything perceived not human.

Enough of the ranting, but seeing a huge amount of membership in the group can be deluding. Some people thought these were all the generosity and muscles that sustain the group, but let's be realistic about what's really happening and who are the people behind these events. We all know it's never wise to mix rotten tomatoes with the good ones.

To read more about the thread of notices on membership removal, please visit this URL: Removal of Non-Participating Members

Thank you for all these years of keeping this community rolling and warm.

  10/18/2016 11:42:26 AM