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The VOLUNTEERS of Bangkok Volunteers

  A community of more than 1,500 membership, of different nationalities and languages but sharing the same understanding of the word volunteering. But how the word was understood reflects not just on signing-up for membership and browsing the calendar of events, it takes participation to prove it. is another social platform like Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, Tagged etc See more list HERE. Our group was conceived in this arena consisting of the members and volunteers, but the people you’ll see on this PAGE are the ones who shaped this community.

What made them Volunteers? Was it because they signed-up for any scheduled events? Or they expressed their intentions and excitement to help? Neither. The only key ingredient to become a volunteer is simply showing up.

From the time you signed up on any Meetup groups in your locale you made yourself accountable for any invitations that will surface on your inbox. Meetup has its tailored options for members to configure their email settings if they wish not to be bothered by too much notification, and all you have to do to is figure it out and make time.

Discretion is very necessary in this group. Recently membership needs to be reviewed first before an approval. So if you attempted to join us with a name “Betty Boop” with an image submission similar to that of below:

or declared yourself as Mr. Donald D. with,

and more surprisingly of mugs like these without a proper name...

Please expect that your membership will be pending until you realized that a lady in red heels with long eyelashes can’t comfortably snorkel to restore corals, or a duck can’t possibly plant a tree, and I will get seriously dehydrated with those photoshopped images and incapacitated to move a single muscle to press the “approve” button. But somehow I reckoned that characters like these can amuse orphans, but our group is basically not in the entertainment industry. FYI

Why the Volunteers are “Starred”? It is never mediocre to consider a person’s voluntary participation more than twice in his/her life to serve the community, be it in preserving the environment, caring for animals or humanity outreach. The effort made was a contribution of time, resources and skills, and for whatever intention he/she has in his/her heart is something we’ll never know but deserves gratitude. The count of “Stars” in the community is like points; but how “Starred” they become as a person through participation can only be measured by them propped by their true intention for joining.

This volunteer community is giving its members opportunities that vary from meeting new people, learning a skill, travelling and most importantly a chance to help. The volunteers are diverse not only thru their backgrounds but in their areas of interest as well.

How volunteering has changed a person’s life lies on his purpose and he alone can answer that.

So now I ask you…


  7/2/2014 10:11:51 PM