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Bangkok Volunteers, 2013 A Year in Review

  In few more hours we will welcome 2014 with full of hopes and anticipation but also leaves a year with so many things to look back and memories to cherish. So let’s take a recap of what had happened and started in 2013 in our volunteer community!

1. The birth of Jungle Aid volunteering (January 2013)

Early this year a handful of volunteers from this group travelled from Bangkok to Hua Hin city and met up with the foundation’s Director and had an hour chat over cups of coffee in Starbucks. There was a fruitful exchange of ideas and discussion and two weeks later, the first medical mission to a remote village took place. Few dedicated volunteers in this group are now working along with the foundation using their skills and profession thru medical, web management, fundraising, sponsorship, business development & strategy and even holding an independent education assessment trips to the jungle.
Events in Total: 10

2. Building a Weir and Cob Shelter (February 2013)

An overnight event in the province of Ratchaburi where nine volunteers helped to build check dams, prepared mineral lick in the forest, produced bricks made out of soil and slept in the tents in a very cool weather (plus the thunderstorm in the evening!). The Cob Shelter events that came afterwards was to support the building of a child center in the remote area in Petchaburi where children in the village have to travel around 8 kilometers just to reach the school once completed. A knackering event but fun by mixing the soil with your bare feet, passing the buckets to mold them into bricks and all of it under the heat of the sun.
Events in Total: 4

Also, the first Cob Shelter event was considered by the Meetup headquarters photo blog and were featured to their Facebook fanpage. Imagine the tons of meetup groups across the globe and we were luckily selected?

- Photo Blog
- Facebook Fanpage

3. Notebook making with Paper Ranger (March 2013)

It was the group’s first fold of recycling a used one-sided A4 paper and turn them into a notebook and then later be used by those underprivileged students in the rural northern Thailand. A project that promotes environmental awareness, the activity is highly recommended to companies for their CSR and also to schools where the children can participate and learn the value of conservation. A very productive experience where you can learn and meet new people and at the same time help underprivileged children by making a wise use of paper to preserve the environment, such a good recipe to brighten up your Sunday!
Events in Total: 6

4. The first visit to the children of Baan Gerda (April 2013)

After months of planning and coordination, the first visit finally happened. With mixed feelings and anticipations, a van loaded with ten volunteers, toys, gifts, game prizes, and chocolates left Bangkok early in the morning and travelled for almost 3 hours to the province of Lopburi. A day I may say something so delightful happened and brilliant as the first interaction with the children went great through the games we prepared for them, the few chats and mostly how warm we were welcomed.
Events in Total: 4

5. A Day Visit at Elephants World (June 2013)

Packed with excitement, the trip to the sanctuary of retired elephants is designed as a volunteering plus tourism activity. The fun of preparing and cooking the food for the elephants, cutting the banana trees and spending time with them in the river is part of the structured activities the organization arranged for every visitor. Costly it may seem but it is one experience every elephant lover should consider while in Thailand!
Events in Total: 3

6. The first Multi-Volunteering (August 2013)

Volunteers leaving Bangkok early in the morning (or evening a day ahead), gather at the same meeting point and later separate to support two organizations right at the same day. Check dam builders and tree planters for wild elephants (Bring the Elephant Home) and volunteers for retired elephants (Elephants World) and it was August when this first multi-volunteering event transpired. Cool? Let’s see what’s more to happen on 2014!
Events in Total: 2

7. The launch of the Official Website (August 2013)

It all started in social network but I wasn’t talking about it, I mean the domain where everyone can see plainly in a bird’s eye view about what our community is all about. Don’t get confused, Meetup is where our community and all the activities are posted, and our website is the presentation in a more customized way. If you want to know more about the upcoming events, news, blogs and be updated about the organizations we support, this is where you can possibly hang-out. But if you want to participate in the activities, go to the community.

Official Website:

8. Bangkok Volunteers at the Bangkok Farmers Market (September 2013)

We have the meetup community, the official website and now the market, a Bangkok Farmers market. This is the place where everyone especially the new comers can come and learn about the group’s activity personally if the usual emailing gets tiresome. A place where we can fundraise by selling baked stuff, snacks or anything except reselling and imported, and also invite people to join our group in a traditional and less stressful digital manner. No worries, this activity does not replace the usual social meetup we had in the group that were placed into a break for the meantime.
Events in Total: 4

Aside from these, we also had the cat shelter and packing books volunteering, four (4) coral reef restoration (with Baandinthai) and check dam building/tree planting activities (Bring the Elephant Home) that kicked-off last 2012. Want a throwback? Check our gallery section HERE

To all the volunteers who made these wonderful events happened, shaped a very productive year, made changes to the lives of the displaced people in the border, with the children of Baan Gerda, the underprivileged students, preserved the environment and those with enormous care for animals…remember that every successful event in our volunteer community is your one GREAT STORY.

Thank you very much and see you all again next year!!

  12/31/2013 11:09:13 AM
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