Seed Bomb Project with Baandinthai
Notebook Making with Paper Rangers
Change A Life Project's Rubber Bands Exercise
Volunteers' Getaway at Nakhon Nayok
Decorate a Bag with Thai Volunteer Service
Children's Charity with Baan Gerda
Cob Shelter Building with Baandinthai
Volunteers' Getaway at Khao Yai National Parl
Junglewood Game Night with Jungle Aid
Volunteers' Getaway at Bang Krachao, Green Lungs
Charity Trip Part 26 - English and its applications, the Initial
English and its applications is now introduced and the children will learn all the process....

The 32nd Fold Notebook Making with Paper Ranger
Turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure… this project is working under The Fou....

The 12th Cob Shelter Building w/ Baandinthai (Plastering)
Benefits of Participation: 1. Support in building a nursing room for children of Wat W....

Volunteer to Support Dogs and Cats @CHSAThai
Compassionate House for Stray Animals in Thailand (CHSAThai) is a non-for-profit, charitab....

We Run for the Blind 5
The 5th Run for the Blind organized by Pro Color Lab, a fun running event supporting blind....

Bangkok Volunteer's Membership, the Downsizing
Bangkok Volunteer's Meetup community recently trimmed its membership removing non-participating members who haven't join....

A Day Trip at Elephants World, Kanchanaburi
ACTIVITIES We pick you up at your hotel/guest
house (in Kanchanaburi city only) at 9.00 A....

Volunteer @ PAWS Bangkok on Weekdays
Do you have some free time during the week? Why not pop along to PAWS shelter and spend so....